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Compukeel™ Templates and template kits are available for the C&C 35 MKIII, Catalina 27 and the Cal 33. The Catalina 27 also has proprietary profiles that are hydrodynamically fairer than the original design. The 1990 Catalina National champion used these profiles. Unfortunately, C&C doesn't have and Catalina won't supply the keel offset documentation for most of their boats, so the Universal™ Template Kit must be used. The Capri 25's fine entry and relatively small size allow stalling out in higher winds. Special instructions for fairing this keel are include with the order.

Other boat owners have used the following Universal™ Template kit chordlengths. Owners' wishing to simply check the keel should only purchase the shortest and the longest chordlengths. Owners desiring more templates should specify additional chordlengths between the sizes listed in the table. There isn't a "correct number" of templates required for fairing the keel, but rather what the person fairing feels comfortable with. Most people like a template for each 10" to 20" of keel height. For available chordlengths, pricing and an Universal Template™ Kit Order Form follow this link.

Universal™ Template Pattern
Universal™ Template Pattern


Boat Model (click on boat to order) Chord lengths used Keel type Price, plus delivery
C&C 27 41", 49", 61" Lead $240
C&C 29 Mark I 49", 53", 65" Lead $240
C&C 33 41", 49", 61" Lead $240
1988 C&C 38 49", 57", 65" Lead $250
C&C 40 53", 61",69",77" Lead $340
C&C 41 45", 69", 82" Lead $260
C&C 42 45", 77" Lead $180
Cal 20 16" Lead $60
Cal 28 38", 53", 65" Lead $230
Cal 28-2 29", 45", 65" Lead $230
Camper Nicholson 33 35",45", 57", 69" Lead $310
Capri 22 20", 26", 32" Lead $180
Capri 25 18", 26", 35" Lead $180
Capri 30 32", 38", 45", 53" Lead $280
Catalina 22 swing keel 16" Cast Iron $60
Catalina 22 fixed keel 38" Cast Iron $80
Catalina 25 fixed keel 49", 61" Lead $170
Catalina 25 swing keel 23" Cast Iron $70
Catalina 30 45", 61", 77" Lead $260
Catalina 34 61", 69", 77" Lead $270
Catalina 38 61", 69", 82" Lead $270
Creekmore 23 38", 41", 45" Lead $220
CS 36 65", 73" ? $190

If your boat has a lead keel and you would like a quotation for a Compukeel™ Template kit or assembled templates, please send,or e-mail the keel offset dimensions. These usually are available from the designer or manufacturer. If your boat has a cast iron keel, or the keel-offset data isn't available, you will want to use the Universal™ Template Kit.

If you would like assistance in selecting patterns for the Universal™ Template Kit, measure the keel chordlength at the top and bottom of the ballast, and the vertical distance between these chordlengths. Knowing the vertical distance between these two measurements will help determine the number of templates. To measure the chordlength, hook the end of a tape measure on the trailing edge of the keel. Pull the tape measure forward to the point of maximum keel thickness. From the point of maximum thickness forward, the tape measure should pulled forward parallel to the centerline of the boat. Sight across the tape measure to determine the location of the leading edge of the keel. Send us these dimensions in our Universal™ Template Kit patterns to use request form for a a recommendation on which patterns to use if you are having trouble deciding.

Follow this link for available chordlengths, pricing, and order form for the on-line inquiry form, write us at COMPUTER KEELS COMPANY, P.O. Box 39757, Edina, MN 55439 or call (952) 829-5670, or e-mail:

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