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The Universal™ Template Kit is for boats where specific keel or rudder data isn't available and/or boats with cast iron keels.  The hydrodynamic profiles included are similar to those on many of the best performing boats and are readily adaptable to most boats.  The instructions explain how to measure your keel to select the appropriate profile for your boat.  After selecting the keel profile, instructions explain how to make templates using picture mat board reinforced with wood furring strips.  The number of templates (patterns) required depends on the keel configuration and depth.  To fair the keel, one template for each 10 to 20 inches of keel height is recommended.  Some people feel comfortable with a template at just the top and the bottom, but most people find one or more templates in the center portion of the keel is helpful.  Each pattern (chordlength) contains multiple profiles, precisely drawn in ink on Mylar, that cover the range of keel thickness from very thin to very fat. Patterns range in price from $30 for short chordlengths to $90 for long chordlengths.

Universal Template® Pattern
Universal Template™ Pattern
If you would like help in selecting Universal™ Template patterns for your boat, we need to know the keel chordlength at the top and bottom of the ballast and the vertical distance between these chordlengths.  To measure the keel chordlength, hook a tape measure on the trailing edge of the keel.  Follow the surface of the keel forward to the point of maximum thickness.  From the point of maximum thickness,  the tape measure should be parallel to the centerline of the boat (i.e., not following the keel surface).  Site across the tape measure to where the leading edge of the keel is.  This is the chordlength.  The vertical distance between the chordlengths will help determine the number of templates needed.  Send us these dimensions in our Universal Template™ Kit patterns to use request form for a recommendation on which patterns to use if you are having trouble deciding. The Universal Template Kit patterns by boat lists which patterns other boat owners have used on many popular boats.

Keel fairing instructions explain the fairing process for either cast iron or lead keels as required. Lead keels, when faired properly, minimize the amount of lead removed and fairing material applied.  Thin keels are fast, so increasing the keel thickness should be avoided.  Cast iron keels require a different fairing process because grinding cast iron is virtually impossible; the challenge is obtaining the best shape without increasing the thickness unnecessarily.  The multiple profiles and detailed instructions simplify obtaining a hydrodynamic profile with no, or minimal thickness increase.

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