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In a six-race regatta, the winning skippers of each fleet (J/22, J/24, SONAR, MORC, PHRF, etc.) raced in J/24s to determine the skipper of the year. Nine boats were rotated among skippers after each race. Every race was won by a boat with a keel faired using Computer Keels Compukeel™ templates. The top three boats had keels faired using Computer Keels patented templates with an average finish of 3.25. The average finish for the non-Computer Keels faired boats was 5.75.

Winners understand that the shape of the keel is as crucial to boat speed and pointing as the proper sail shape. The keel provides the major reactive force that allows the power created by the sails to move the boat efficiently. Boat performance suffers from errors in either the keel or the sail shape. Cost, technology, and OSHA regulations complicate making the keel as designed. Unlike a sail, you can't change the keel trim or shape for various conditions, which makes the accuracy of the keel extremely important. On many boats the difference between the designed keel shape and the manufactured shape is greater than the difference between the shape of a new and a worn out sail. Fairing a keel or trying to evaluate the accuracy of the shape without templates is simply guessing. Accurately controlling the keel thickness without Computer Keels Company's patented templates is difficult and subject to errors.

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The Universal™ Template Kit is for boats with cast iron keels and boats where specific keel or rudder data isn't available. Each pattern (chordlength) contains multiple hydrodynamic profiles, like those on the best performing boats, precisely drawn in ink on Mylar. Instructions explain how to select the correct profile(s), make a template(s) using picture mat board reinforced with wood furring strips, and fair the keel or rudder. For a listing of boats which have used the Universal™ Template Patterns and further information on the Universal™ Template Kit.

The Compukeel™ Template Kit and Templates are created for a specific boat using the designed dimensions or a proprietary profile. Section profiles of the keel at different keel elevations are precisely drawn in ink on Mylar. The patented wrap-around design provides precise control of the keel shape, symmetry, and thickness, reducing the skills required to obtain a properly shaped, symmetrically faired keel. Assembled Compukeel™ Templates are also available. Compukeel™ Templates and Template Kits are available for many popular boats.

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